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We’ll pick you up at the Cuiaba airport in the morning and we’ll drive through the famous Transpantaneira road (we can find many different animals along this road) to lodge in Pantanal area, close to Puerto Jofre, depending on your arrival schedule, We will have the chance to arrive just on time to jump on our boats and go out for the first contact with animals along the shore line of the Cuiaba river and other small tributaries, searching for Jaguars, Giant Otters, Monkeys, Caymans, Capibaras and different birds. The chance to find Anacondas is always there.

We will start super early every day, having breakfast before the sunrise and starting our boat trip as the sun rises. We go back to the lodge for lunch, rest for 1 or 2 hours, and off we go on the boats again until sunset. We return to the lodge for a shower and dinner.
Our main focus will be jaguars and their behavior, but we will surely run into caimans, capybara, monkeys, giant otters, and lots of birds.

On the last day in Pantanal, we will spend a full morning navigating and we will return to the lodge for lunch and then drive back to Cuiaba, again through the Transpantaneira road which may have some surprises in store.
After the night in Cuiaba, transfer to the airport to fly back home.
We also have the chance to extend the stay in the area, by staying for a couple of days in a ranch, which has a small lodge. We would be able to walk through the grasslands, in search of Tapir, giant anteaters, pecari and others.

This trip is a good combination with international flights arriving to Rio, São Paulo and Brasilia, during the mornings.

Depending of the seasons, we will choose our accomodation taking into account its location, infrastructure and convenience to assure a great wildlife watching experience.
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